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A Message About COVID-19 and Window Universe


"The process was so simple.  Other companies insisted that my husband and I both be present for their long sales pitch.  I was a little insulted by that.  Window Universe made things easy from beginning to end "    top ratings for replacement windows from a customer in Baltimore MD  -  Susan, Timonium, MD


Hi everyone.  I’m writing to you from our secret underground bunker (not really).  We all hope everyone is doing as well as they can in this very unusual time.  I wanted to reach out about our company’s preparedness and the importance of our relationship with you, our valuable customers. 


Bianca and I started our window company in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis and as a result we’ve always been a little paranoid, a little more financially conservative than many other home improvement companies.  There’s always been this idea in the back of my head that things could get bad again and we need to be ready.  From a financial standpoint we’re just fine.  


What about the people?

Most of our employees work from home anyway and the installation department has reduced in-person interaction to make sure we're being safe.  As a result I think our company is probably better prepared for this sort of business climate than most, but frankly that doesn’t give any of us a whole lot of solace.  It’s a strange time for sure and people are worried about the weeks to come. 


What about manufacturing?


The manufacturers we tend to work with are some of the largest and most well capitalized in the industry.  If you’ve been reading the comment sections on you’ll see I frequently recommend working with larger manufacturers.  This is why.  


Our primary manufacturer operates 5 US based window plants and can easily shift capacity around as needed.  We’ll do just fine through this and that’s where you come in.


Every order that we see this week and in the coming weeks is of particular importance.  If you’re in a position to place a window order we appreciate your business now more than ever.  We’re looking out for our team members and the hundreds of US based employees involved in the whole supply chain.  We'll all be happy to help with an order.


What happens if I place an order now?


Since we don't require an in-home salesperson to come to your house it’s as easy to place an order now as it ever was.  We’re all still working, answering emails and sending out quotes.  We can help get your quote just the way you want it and place an order whenever you’re ready. 


After you place an order we do send a technician out to your house to take the final measurements.  He’ll only need to be there for 10 minutes as all he’s doing is putting a tape measure on each window. There’s no sales pitch, no flip book of slides or iPad with magic prices on it.  We make this easy.


From there the windows are custom made which takes several weeks.  


What does all of this mean?


As a small business owner, I can tell you that it’s as important as ever that we all do our very best to help keep the wheels of the economy moving.  People need jobs, they have bills and rent and mortgages and mouths to feed.  If you’re in a position to place a window order I will be happy to help in any way I can and we will all appreciate it more than you might know.


How do I learn more?


That part is easy.  Just fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we'll email you pricing and product info.  From there you can ask us any questions and we can make unlimited revisions to the quote until we get it just the way you want it.


At that point you'll be in touch with a window expert by email and we can help with just about anything.  We can also talk anything over on the phone if you'd prefer.


What if I'm not ready?


That's just fine.  We can still send you info about the windows.  You can ask us any questions and we can get your order all set just the way you want it.  That way it will be ready to go as soon as you are. 


A lot of us are sitting at home a little more than usual.  Let's use that time to get your questions answered and your order all figured out. We've created the easiest way to order new windows.


What happens next?


Next, you just fill out the form below and we'll send you a recommended option.  We'll send our complete price list and a quote for you as well.  If you want to get three quotes we can send over three options (or more) and you never need to have a salesman sitting on your couch.  It’s always been our goal to take this complicated business and make it simple. 


To get detailed pricing and product info just fill out the form below


We'll send a detailed price list and we can answer any questions.  You don't need to worry about being bombarded with phone calls because we don't even ask for your number.


There has never been an easier way to get new windows.   


We’ve seen orders continue to come in which warms our hearts. Both Bianca and I would love the opportunity to help you with your project. 



Daniel Schweihs


Founder, Window Universe





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